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We specialize in multilingual language translation for websites. We optimize those sites for foreign language search engines and directories. Think about it. The web is the ultimate marketing tool because it is what it purports to be; truly global. It makes sense then that to be accessible whatever goes online not only has to be in the language of the reader, it has to be able to be found by the reader.

"By 2005, 75% of the world online population will be browsing in a language other than English."

Could you find this website in a language other than your own, even using a dictionary to translate and enter terms into a search engine? A2Z can help. We can translate and optimize your website to make it a truly worldwide marketing tool. And nothing we do is software driven. As anti-intuitive as it may sound, we do everything by hand; translate content, identify keywords, optimization and search engine submission. Even the rank checking of your translated and optimized site is done manually.

Look at the statistics about who uses the web and what languages they speak. For many years, almost in defiance of the first World Wide part of the name, the Web was monolingual; English ruled. But things change fast online. Right now the first language of 4% of all web users is Korean, 4% Italian, 7% Spanish, 7% German, 9% Japanese and 10% Chinese... that makes 41%. (Nielsen Net-ratings source). These percentages are growing at the expense of English as their respective language markets develop. By 2005, 75% of the world online population will be browsing in a language other than English. (Global Web Research Source) Get your business out there where it counts. How? Just click on through for…

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