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Reporting, maintenance and response processing

So you can track where your website is under your targeted keyword/keyphrase we can prepare customized reports outlining your website’s position. The report itemizes by keyword and search engine what your website’s rank was in the previous period.

The reporting option also allows us to check on and maintain your websites’ search engine ranking. Over time your position will decay, due to new sites coming on to the engine and changes in the way the search engines index and rank web sites. Reports are available on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis, and these enable us to continue monitoring and fine-tuning the optimisation, re-submitting your website as necessary to help maintain position.

The call centre can operate as a translation service…
or we can manage the enquiry process completely, from first contact to sale.

As your ranking improves, so should the volume of enquiries it generates. In general we are able to structure enquiry forms and procedures in a tight, generic format that enables an English speaker to respond appropriately (e.g. “order confirmed” generic response email), but in some instances the options provided by a particular product or service are too complex. This is usually the case where a reseller contacts you wanting to wholesale your product/resell your services in the local market.

Where you do not have the language skills in-house to manage responses, we can process those responses for you via our mail call centre. The call centre can operate as a translation service (we translate incoming enquiries for you, you formulate a response and we translate that and send back to the enquirer) or we can manage the enquiry process completely, from first contact to sale. You provide us with the training in your product/service, we process completely in the language of the consumer.

So, there you have it. That is our process for building multilingual web marketing platforms. If you are ready to make an enquiry, just click on through…

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