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Optimisation and Search Engine Submission

Optimisation has several components, some visible to the end user, some not visible. Visible aspects include keyword/keyphrase density in the actual textual content of the website, page titles and use of a variety of header tags to emphasise blocks of text. Hidden components include meta-statement construction, alt tag construction etc. We can’t give too much away here, but there are a lot of ways to create search engine friendly web sites.

We prefer to work with static html table websites, although sites that use frames and dynamic sites can also be optimised. At the front of your site we would try to dissuade you from using Flash, Java or other presentation technologies. They are not search engine friendly (the content cannot be indexed, at least not yet anyway) and at the end of the day, people who are using the web looking for your product want information first, bells and whistles second.

We offer a range of packages in terms of number of search engines submitted to. Standard packages usually cover the top five engines; this will usually cover at least 80% of web users within any language market. Extended coverage comes with ten engines; rarely is it necessary to go beyond ten engines as those engines not in the top ten are minor and have very limited reach. All submissions are done by hand; we use no submission software. Where a particular engine requires a paid submission, this is always included in our quote. There are no extra charges.

We cover search engine submissions for the top five engines in the following language groups:

Chinese (simplified) Chinese (traditional) French
English (UK) English (USA) English (Australasia)
German Dutch Hungarian
Indian (Hindi, English) Indonesian Italian
Japanese Korean Hispanic American
Malaysian Polish Brazilian
Russian Scandinavian languages Spanish
Swiss Thai Vietnamese

"Different search engines and directories require different submission procedures..."

When these options have been confirmed, the submission process gets underway. Different search engines and directories require different submission procedures, so we tailor all our submissions to search engines by hand. This is done according to our own set of protocols that have been customized over time to ensure best rankings. Indexing can take anywhere from 24 hours to three months; each engine has its own schedule.

Your website has now been submitted to the leading search engines in your target markets. Two questions remain. How do you know it is performing for you, and how are you going to process all those enquiries in a language you cannot read?

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